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Better Video, Everywhere

Aframe is a powerful cloud platform for
collecting, managing and storing professional video.

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Deliver breaking news at breakneck speed

  • Multi format ingest support
  • Automated transcode to viewing copy and broadcast formats
  • Globally disparate news capture and upload
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News & Sports Broadcast

Remove the pains of Production

  • Get organised before the edit
  • Easy sharing and collaboration
  • No more tapes, drives, FTPs or couriers
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Media & Entertainment

Adobe Anywhere in the Cloud delivered by Aframe

“Ever since we saw Adobe Anywhere, I have wanted to bring Aframe and Anywhere together. The dream has always been collaboration and editing in the cloud, with no download. To finally see that dream a reality and the reaction we’ve had already, makes this one of the most exciting times in the history of the company – and we hope for the industry.”

David Peto, Founder and CEO, Aframe. Optimized_for_Adobe_Anywhere_endorsement_signature.png

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Saved through improved workflow processes
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Savings through a more polished preparation ahead of the edit
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Savings on current cost of media storage and handling
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Savings on current cost of reusing of original production material
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Savings on current cost of distributing media
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Tiger Aspect Productions - Peaky Blinders

"The simplicity of being able to review footage from any location makes it extremely convenient, collaborative and far more cost effective than our previous methods."
Nicky Poulton, Drama Production Manager at Tiger Aspect.

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