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Adobe Anywhere in the Cloud

Delivered by Aframe

"Ever since we saw Adobe Anywhere, I have wanted to bring Aframe and Anywhere together. The dream has always been collaboration and editing in the cloud, with no download. To finally see that dream a reality and the reaction we’ve had already, makes this one of the most exciting times in the history of the company – and we hope for the industry."

David Peto, Founder and CEO, Aframe.



Television broadcasters and content producers will be able to remove the limitations of location-specific editing by combining Aframe’s cloud storage and asset management capabilities with Adobe Anywhere for video. The combination of Aframe and Adobe Anywhere promises to make broadcast-grade cloud editing a reality.

How it works

Aframe’s central hub handles the storage and management of original native video content, while Adobe Anywhere will provide stream-based editing capabilities to enable the full potential of a truly cloud-enabled workflow. This provides one central place for video, accessible to anyone on the project team with the correct set of credentials. Footage is available instantly in the edit, anywhere in the world, without the need to download the original media.

By embedding Adobe Anywhere for Video within Aframe’s secure cloud platform, users can stream selected assets to the edit. Metadata is kept in sync, so that time-code based markers added by the project team in Aframe are delivered to the editor, and vice-versa.



  • CapEx to OpEx - replace capital expenditure and investment in on-premise hardware and networking equipment with Aframe’s broadcast cloud infrastructure, charged on an OpEx model.
  • Central repository - one single place for all of your dispersed global teams to store, manage and access your organization’s most in-demand, high-value video assets.
  • Stream-based editing - users can benefit from a truly broadcast-grade edit process, without ever needing to have the media stored locally by combining Aframe’s broad acquisition format support with Adobe’s extensive export capabilities.
  • Simple collaboration - share works in progress and build approvals workflows using Aframe’s media sharing features.
  • Worldwide accessibility - store your finished masters in one centrally accessible place for collaborators to use in future, or deliver them to wherever they need to go next using Aframe’s automated media movement capabilities.

Potential use cases

  • Reversioning - international promotions groups repurposing content for different target markets now don’t need to download the physical media to conduct simple edits.
  • Compliance - making amendments made to original TX masters according to domestic broadcast laws.
  • Promotions - replacing several sources of acquisition with one. A promotional artifact created using the best bits from previous episodes and delivered broadcast masters.

How to get started

A technology demonstration of this solution will be unveiled at NAB 2015 on Aframe’s booth (SL10210). A fully working solution is expected to be available in early 2016. The early adopter program will begin in the fall of 2015. To participate in the program for this unique integration product, participants must be current Aframe customers.