A Tough Production Made Easy with Aframe

"The time and budget we saved during this pre-edit phase was massive"

How Aframe helped Dragonfly

World's Toughest Trucker pitted eight of the world's most talented truck drivers against each other in some of the harshest places on Earth, but it was also one of Aframe's toughest projects due to the sheer amount and variety of footage produced. Dragonfly's production team were concerned about transcode, handling the massive amount of media and making the footage discoverable when they needed to organise the rushes.

Dragonfly chose Aframe to handle the job based on their ability to handle huge amounts of multi-format footage whilst making it searchable via their unique tagging and logging service.

Aframe ingested the raw rushes files then transcoded them to a common web proxy format so the whole team could access the media online, wherever they were located.

To ensure they got maximum value from Aframe's tagging service, Dragonfly worked closely with the tagging team to create a 'Truckers logging bible' that detailed the precise way the team needed the footage to be logged. It listed naming conventions to be used when describing the main characters, what kind of logging detail was required for each camera type, time of day, whether the scene was interior or exterior and why the sequence was good.

For example, a typical log might be:
Daytime. Australia. Red Truck. Interior. Cab. XF305. Discussion. Shane "We're running really low on fuel". Zola "I hope we can make it to the next gas station" GOOD TENSION

Dragonfly's Head of Production Janet Smyth explained how Aframe made a stressful production a little easier to work on:

"The ability for the production team to start working on the footage right away was amazing because we could start organising the footage as it was ingested at Aframe's ingest point in London. Once this footage has been combined with the logging, we could find everything we needed in an instant. The time and budget we saved during this pre-edit phase was massive."

Quick Look

'World's Toughest Trucker'

Production Company:
Dragonfly Productions and GroupM Entertainment co-production for Channel Five in the UK and the Discovery Channel in the US

Post facility:

Large multi-camera shoot, multiple format transcode
Ingest via hard drives and cards, 4-5TB per episode
Tight production schedule with global footprint
Very specific tagging brief, as per the 'Truckers logging bible'

Camera formats: Canon XF305, GoPro, Sony Minicam and Sony XDCam
Ingest: Each episode's rushes were ingested at once. Fast turnaround, bulk ingest of 4-5TB from globally located, multi-camera shoots on drives and mixed card formats
Storage: 30,000 clips, 26TB, 4,000 hours, mixed camera formats, full resolution and proxies
Tagging: Full transcription tagging on all XDCam and XF305 footage, lower density tagging on Minicam and GoPro footage

Collaboration: Footage stored in London and shared with production team members around the world

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